The Clash of Clans June Update is Live

Clash of Clans may not update often, but when it does, there is normally something big brought to our devices. The June update features Builder Hall 9 and a couple of new units to get to grips with.

What is new in the June Update?

Supercell has added the ability to upgrade your Builder Hall to level nine. Once you do so, you will unlock a brand new defence system and a new builder.

There is a new Troop called the Hog Glider. This Troop targets defence structures and stuns them. After this first attack, the unit will turn into a regular Hog Rider.

One last thing to explain is O.T.T.O the new builder. After you upgrade his Hut to level five and complete a series of quests, you will be able to “tend to matters while Master Builder is off sojourning to the Home Village.”

To grab a copy of Clash of Clans, follow this link to the Google Play Store.

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