The classic Dreamcast game, Expendable, is getting remastered and its coming soon

Back in 1999, Rage Software released a game onto the Dreamcast called  Expendable which eventually made its way onto the original Playstation as well as the PC. Back then it had some cutting edge graphics and used some of the best technology at the time to make a pretty impressive action game. Well now that game is getting remastered and will be heading to Android real soon, complete with a new name called Expendable Rearmed.

While keeping true to the original game in a lot of ways, Expendable Rearmed will be re-imagined and remade to bring the rather intense arcade shooter action to Android phones and tablets. The entire experience, however, will be designed more towards how the original game was supposed to be made and the ideals behind it, with a more ‘one more go’ type of addiction, with lives and high scores.

Right now most details are still under wraps but we do know that it will be available for all Android devices and for those of you who own Tegra-based ones, you can expect even more visual enhancements. As for a release date, all we know is that it is coming real soon. Don’t stray off too far though as we will have some in-depth info about Expendable Rearmed to share with you. Until then, check out the official trailer above.

Developer Website: Retrobomb

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