The Elder’s Quest is an Upcoming Medieval Open World RPG in Early Access Right Now

The Elder’s Quest is an intriguing upcoming open world RPG that you can check out right now in early access.

You play as a Paladin who takes on a range of quests in the name of glory. And loot. There are reportedly hundreds of items up for grabs as rewards.

The Elder’s Quest is Full of Humour and Combo-based Combat

It all plays out on a world made up of Civilisation-style grids, and you’ll wander around getting into fights with orcs, visiting towns to trade, and picking up quests.

Combat is all about combos, and actually seems to play out like a traditional fighting game. You’ll block attacks, dish out your own, and flourish like a show off.

The quests are written with humour in mind, so if you feel like a laugh it’s well worth checking out. There are over 150 quests in total, which is plenty to dig into.

Head on over to Google Play right now and grab The Elder’s Quest, which is available in early access.

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