The Enchanted Worlds is Now Free for a Limited Time

Syntaxity is famous for making a brilliant point-and-click adventure series all about your mysterious uncle Henry and some magic books. If you’re looking for a challenging puzzle game with a decent amount of content, then you should check out The Enchanted Worlds.

The Enchanted Worlds – A Puzzle Game well Worth your Time

The Enchanted Worlds is not the first game in the series, but that hardly matters. All you need to know is that your uncle is an ingenious archaeologist, and he needs your help.

Gameplay comprises exploring various areas, finding a variety of items and using these items throughout the game to solve puzzles. If you ever get stuck, there is a wealth of tutorials online for you to glance at, in case you have exhausted your options.

I recommend trying to figure out all the puzzles yourself, but rest assured the answers are out there if you need them. If you want a copy of The Enchanted Worlds for free, then grab one from the Play Store.

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