The Epic Seven Global Creator Invitational Season 2 is Happening This weekend on YouTube and Twitch

This has been a busy period for global sports, with arguably the biggest international sporting contest of them all taking place right now. 

Naturally, we’re talking about the Epic Seven Global Creator Invitational Season 2. 

Publisher Smilegate Megaport has just announced that quarterfinal matches will begin on Saturday December 10th at 03:00 UTC. 

The event will see eight teams and 32 creators going head to head on throughout the weekend, with the winners proceeding to the semifinals next week. 

Smilegate Megaport revealed the eight teams involved last Saturday during a live group drawing ceremony streamed on its official YouTube channel. The Season 2 draw features creators from more regions than ever before, including Japan, Taiwan, and more. 

Gomeowme, Canna, and elvemage are all returning as team leaders, joined by Hwi, who reached the quarterfinals in E7WC 2022. Fartpancakes (don’t laugh), who fulfilled broadcasting duties in Season 1 of the competition, is returning as a player. 

Every match in the Epic Seven Global Creator Invitational Season 2 quarterfinals will be live streamed on the official Epic Seven YouTube and Twitch channels in four languages: Korean, English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese. 

And these matches will be joined on the channels by a number of events, including Epic Match Prediction and Twitch Drops. 

“We hope many of our players show interest in the Global Creator Invitational Season 2,” writes Jae-Hoon Jung, department head of Smilegate Megaport. “We think our players will enjoy the matches even more as creators from diverse cultural backgrounds participate in this competition.” 

For the uninitiated, Epic Seven is a highly acclaimed mobile RPG with a huge single player campaign, a lush fantasy setting, dazzling skill animations, and – crucially – a fantastic PvP Arena mode that sees teams of players duking it out with teams of powerful heroes. 

For more information on this weekend’s sporting festivities, head to the official Global Creator Invitational website.  You can also check out their official YouTube and Twitch channels.

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