The Evil Company is evil. Releases Alien Overkill today to hoard all your free time this weekend.

If you find yourself this weekend with a decent amount of free times and feel the need to slaughter a gratuitous amount of aliens, The Evil Company has you covered. Their first game for the Android platform just came out called Alien Overkill and like the title says, there are a lot of aliens to kill.

Alien Overkill is a top-down shoot-everything-moving-in-sight type of game where you goal is the massacre of a hell of a lot of aliens. It’s alright though since you’ll be equipped with a selection of weapons to use in your alien killing adventure.


  • Use 5 different weapons with unique death animations to vanquish the alien horde.
  • Battle it out in uniquely themed arenas – from space ships and ice worlds to the depths of the alien hive.
  • Test yourself against more than 50 different alien waves.
  • Utilize an array of power-ups, from force fields to nuclear devices, to give you the advantage.
  • Unlock 48 Achievements and compete in online highscore lists powered by Scoreloop.
  • Enjoy a complete soundtrack of industrial rock and high quality positional sound effects.
  • Experience dynamic lighting, shadowing and weather effects.
  • Flip your phone to flip the display – have your controls where you want them regardless of whether you are left or right handed.
  • Runs smoothly even on budget phones.



Being their first game on the Android platform, they seem to have definitely went all out in making this a solid release. All you achievement hunters out there who use Scoreloop will be happy as well as there are a total of 48 achievements to unlock! Of course there is also an online highscore board to get your name onto if that’s your thing. You can grab Alien Overkill off the Android Market right now for $2.99 but if you don’t want to put down money on the full version right away, they do have a free lite version for you to try out before buying the full version.

Developer Website: The Evil Company

Android Market Link: Alien Overkill

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