The final installment into The Banner Saga is now up on Kickstarter

Fans of The Banner Saga have a new installment to look forward to, albeit later on down the road in the future. The Banner Saga 3, which will be the final installment into the series, has launched its Kickstarter campaign and already has over $28K in funding.

If you’re not familiar with The Banner Saga’s previous games, both of the past two titles are a mix of RPG and tactics-style turn-based gameplay, all of which is themed around Vikings. Both the past two installments in the series have been very popular regardless of the platforms they are released on. In this third installment, players will be able to build their party from a roster of over 40 unique characters. Each of these characters will come with different abilities, and each of those will interact in different ways. Each character also has their own unique style of combat, so you will have to figure out the best combinations of characters that works for your play style.

What is also unique with this game is that the story plays out almost like a Choose Your Own Adventure style of gamebook, in the way that every choice you make in this game affects the future and the outcome. This can range from possibly meeting someone to join your group during your travels, to having characters die off completely in the story. All of this is wrapped up in hand-painted art and animation.

There is a lot to each Banner Saga game and each one has had a lot of replay value to them as well. If you want to toss a few bucks at the Kickstarter campaign to help fund the final installment, you can now do so. As for when it will be done, there is no word on that as of yet.

Official Website: The Banner Saga 3 Kickstarter

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