The Final Rick and Morty x Merge Dragons! Event is Happening This Weekend

Rick and Morty are appearing in Merge Dragons! this weekend for the final time.

The Mortyablo Deja Moo event introduces new treasure, creatures, portals, and more. It sees the infamous pair travelling through a red portal before getting attacked by lumbering aliens. 

There follows a dispute between Rick and Morty over the wisdom of looting a garden gnome, and from there further chaos naturally ensues. 

In case you’ve never played it, Merge Dragons! is a popular and addictive casual game in which you merge things to make more things. It contains 37 dragon breeds, 500 mergeable objects, 900 quests, and more.

Previous instalments of this Rick and Morty event have gone down well, so it’s worth trying to hop onto the game this weekend if you can. The event comes to an end on Monday the 10th of August.

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