The first screenshots and trailer for Gamelion’s Monster Shooter 2 have arrived

It has been over a year since Gamelion released the original top-down dual-stick arcade game called Monster Shooter. We have since reported that a sequel was in the works but details regarding that sequel were pretty scarce. Well it looks like the sequel to Monster Shooter, which has earned itself over 10 million downloads across the platforms it has been released on, is finally nearing its release.

Monster Shooter 2: Back To Earth is the official sequel to the original game. A lot of people thought that Monster Shooter: The Lost Levels was the official sequel but that game was actually just an expansion pack of sorts for the original games. While the exact details about Monster Shooter 2: Back To Earth are still under wraps, we do know what the storyline for this sequel is about.

While Monster Shooter has players fighting aliens in order to save your character’s cat that the aliens kidnapped, Monster Shooter 2 will have players saving the Earth and all of the cats on the planet as the aliens are now on the offensive, attacking Earth with a plethora of weaponry. While we don’t know a lot in regards to how much content Monster Shooter 2 will come with, we do have a couple of details that people will definitely want to know about.

First, unlike the original game, Monster Shooter 2 will feature multiplayer. This will be co-op multiplayer so you and a friend will be teaming up to help save Earth. You’ll have plenty of weaponry available to do it with as well including full mech suits. The other bit of information we know is that Gamelion brought on veteran game musician Marcin PrzybyƂowicz (of The Witcher series fame) to do the soundtrack.

Gamelion also mentioned that the HD visuals in this game will make the original look like something from the 1980s. While we will have to wait until we get our hands on on a copy of this game to confirm this, we do have the first official trailer and screenshots to check out. As for when Monster Shooter 2: Back To Earth will be released, you can expect to find this game invading Google Play later this Summer.

Developer Website: Gamelion


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