The Game Show Network releases Lingo onto Android for fans of the actual gameshow to play and win prizes.

It is some interesting times we live in these days as technology for mobile devices, such as our beloved Android devices, continues to spur forward with new and innovative features. Even major print and TV media outlets are getting into all things Android. The newest one comes from the Game Show Network.

Note: Before anyone points out that this has been released since Mid-September 2011 and isn’t actually brand new, it was a soft release which means it was more for testing purposes. They are now announcing it as an official release as of today and any bugs that you may have encountered in-game since the soft release have been fixed and an update will soon be rolling out.

The Game Show Network has released a mobile version of the popular game show Lingo. Fans of the show will now be able to play it while on the go so you can blaze through word ladders and show off your spelling skills. Taking it a step further though than making it just a simple mobile version of the game show, GSN will award prizes for those players who manage to take the top seat in the leaderboards. You can also earn points which, in turn, you can redeem for rewards and prizes as well.

Some of the prizes you could win include:

  • Gift certificates
  • Electronic devices
  • Sweepstake entries
  • and more!



Don’t know how to play Lingo? GSN has a pretty good description of how to play Lingo on their Android Market listing but just in case you want the quick version, here you go. In Lingo you have to spell as many five-letter words as possible in the main round which lasts for three minutes. You can rack up bonus points to help you for when you enter the Lingo round. Here is how GSn explains both the Main and Lingo rounds:

Main Round – You’ll see hints pop-up – green squares tell you that you’ve got the right letter in the right position, and yellow circles mean you’ve got the right letter, but the wrong position. If you can’t solve a word, just pass on it and keep moving!

Lingo Round – You’ll get more chances to win bonus points based on the number of words you got correct in the Main Round. Yellow Lingo balls are wild, but be careful—watch out for the red ball.

You can earn up to 5,000 bonus points that goes towards your score on the leaderboards. Each day you are on the Lingo Leaderboard you can earn rewards which you can redeem for prizes in the GSN Prize center. Literally this is like a mobile game show that anyone can play.

For those of you who are fans of word games, this is like the nerdgasm you’ve been waiting for since you can win prizes for playing, if you think you’re that good of course. You can download Lingo off the Android Market right now for $0.99. Good luck and expect a full review of Lingo for Android soon!

Developer Website: Game Show Network

Android Market Link: Lingo

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