The Genre-Bending Legend of Puzzleverse Beta Is Out Now on iOS and Android

Legend of Puzzleverse, the genre-bending match-3 strategy title from Babil Games, is out now in beta on Android and iOS. 

For the uninitiated, Legend of Puzzleverse is a free SLG with an epic RPG storyline that takes place in a fantastical universe full of strange creatures, artifacts, and secrets. 

As you might have guessed, this fantastical universe is under attack. The Void Lord has destroyed the key of time, and monsters are flooding into the gameworld, hell-bent on destroying everything. 

It’s your job to stop them by playing match-3 puzzle battles, building up your city, and exploring the Puzzleverse in search of secrets and mysteries. 

Legend of Puzzleverse is a match-3 game with a difference. The difference is that it’s also a strategy game. 

You’ll spend some of your time engaging in tense match-3 battles, and the rest of it constructing buildings, gathering resources, researching new technologies, strategizing, and maintaining your alliances. 

These alliances let you take part in battles against and alongside other players, earning resources and items to help you in your bid to save the universe. 

On top of all that, you can summon heroes. When the Void Lord destroyed the key of time, he also destroyed the barriers of space and time, which allowed mythical and historical figures from every dimension to flood into the Puzzleverse. 

As a result, you can summon real and imaginary legends like Athena, Anubis, Napoleon, Loki, and Hercules, before leveling them up and equipping them with the most powerful weapons the multiverse has to offer. 

These heroes all have their own particular abilities, too, and you can enjoy statistics bonuses for unleashing them in the right time and place. 

Despite being in beta, Legend of Puzzleverse currently has a huge number of levels to play, all of them containing their own unique puzzles designed to test your skills and tactics in different ways. 

There are leaderboards, too, giving you an early opportunity to establish your dominance. 

Download the Legend of Puzzleverse beta for free. You can also keep up to date on the latest Legend of Puzzleverse news on their official Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok pages.

You can also download Legend of Puzzleverse using the QR Code below.

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