The Getaway: Traffic Racer is all about avoiding getting caught by the police

A new cop chase-style game has arrived for Android called The Getaway: Traffic Racer which is all about avoiding getting caught by the police. Developed by Hammy, The Getaway as we will be calling it since that sounds much better, is described by the developer as a game about avoiding the cop GTA-style but without encouraging the same level of violence as in those games.

Even though it doesn’t encourage that type of violence, that doesn’t mean this game is soft or boring. In fact it can be rather challenging because you are not just avoiding cops, you can’t hit cars either, making ripping through the streets a bit of a challenge in itself.

The Getaway Features:

– Fast cars: You can choose between different cars at the beginning of the game to start your high-speed chase and get more bonuses.
– Infinite play: The action never stops in The Getaway, the main goal is achieving the highest possible score (at least higher than your friends). The more you advance, the difficult it becomes since police is more aggressive.
– Easy controls: It features an incredible easy control, with one finger tap left or right to change direction. This allows to slalom easily through the obstacles and even jump over them.
– Coins galore: All through the game you’ll have to collect coins in order to save more money.

Players will be speeding through various locations while trying to not get caught by the police, whether it be cop cars chasing from behind or cop car road blocks ahead of you. That is on top of avoiding obstacles and trying not to hit other cars. The Getaway is available off of Google Play for free and does contain optional IAPs as well.

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