The Goolalies are your friends, protect them from the aliens

While virtual pet type of applications are not really something to consider as a game, this particular one however comes with a bunch of virtual pets to take care of as well as protect from enemies. The Goolalies, as it is called, also comes with a bunch of mini-games to enjoy.

More for the casual gamer who likes long progression games or ones with virtual pets in them, The Goolalies gives you a healthy dose of the whole virtual pet scene while keeping it fun by including mini-games that involve your little virtual monsters.

The Goolalies Features:

– Dating system
– Mini-games
– Dozens cute Goolalies
– Evolution system
– Hero outfits
– No ad-banner
– Support multi-screen resolution

Just like any virtual pet type of game, your pets will evolve as they grow older and more experienced inside the Goolalies world. There are plenty of different ones to choose from and you can dress them up in outfits as well. You can even send them out on dates if you want to get a little romance between pets going. The real fun though comes with the mini-games, of which there are plenty of different types of mini-games to play which involve your pets.

If you are looking for something a little more casual but not as boring as general virtual pet games tend to be, you might want to check The Goolalies out. It is available for free off the Android Market. This is also a good game if you have kids that want to play with your phone.

Developer Website: Fat Dino

Android Market Link: The Goolalies

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