Adventure Game The Great Outdoors Lets You Explore The Virtual And Real World

Feature image for our The Great Outdoors news piece. It shows an in-game screen of a pixel graphics world map.

A new indie adventure game just dropped onto Google Play, and promises to give those of us in the gaming community another reason to go outside. The Great Outdoors is one of those games that encourages you to get out there and earn your 10,000 steps a day.

You’ll build up steps as you go about your day, and then you can cash them in in-game in order to travel The Great Outdoors’ world.

Step Up

The more steps you do, the more progress you can make, so there’s all the motivation to get out there.

What can you do once you’ve got the steps? Well, The Great Outdoors is a pixel adventure game set in a land full of peril and mystery, where magic is fading away.

You begin life as a lowly assistant miller, but set out to make your mark on the world. You can acquire resources, trade them for others, and repair broken structures to make them usable again.

There’s a chance to acquire new skills and abilities, which broaden your options.

Build Back A World

You can expand settlements and even open up routes to distant places. Settlements are of a lot of use to you, as these let you trade for different items, which further your objective of plundering the world’s secrets.

The Great Outdoors presents itself with retro-themed pixel graphics. You appear as a little blip on a larger world map, the roads leading to distant villages, windmills, and shrines to mysterious gods.

The game is free to download, though it comes with some in-app purchases. The most expensive sits at around £5.49 per item, so none of it is extortionate.

If this sounds like your walking speed, check out The Great Outdoors on Google Play.

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