The Innsmouth Case is a Lovecraftian Comedy Adventure Game, Coming on June 23rd

The Innsmouth Case, a Lovecraftian comedy horror adventure game, is coming to Android on June 23rd.

Developed by Robot Pumpkin Games, The Innsmouth Case is a visual novel with stylised cartoon graphics and a suitably gothic aesthetic. It sees you assuming the role of a detective investigating the disappearance of a woman called Tabitha Marsh. 

This entails speaking to the residents of Innsmouth, a fictional town invented by horror author H. P. Lovecraft, and making judgement along the way. These lead to different endings, with 27 available in total. 

The Innsmouth Case will cost $5.49 when it lands on the Google Play Store – not cheap, but a good deal cheaper than the $12.49 it’ll cost you on Steam. 

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