The King of Fighters Allstar Gets Valentine’s Day Costumes to Celebrate the Upcoming Holiday

The King of Fighters Allstar has received a host of fresh content to celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Between now and February 17 you can receive Valentine-themed costumes for characters King, Blue Mary, and Kasumi.

The King of Fighters Allstar is Also Giving Away a Ton of Rubies to Returning Players

You’ll also be able to participate in themed events in exchange for useful items like Summoning Tokens, Soul and Growth Items, Affinity Items, Rubies, and AP.

There are also a bunch of unrelated events, including a ruby giveaway for returning users, a new chapter of the Epic Quest, new gacha summons, and a hot time event.

So head on over to Google Play and get involved in all of the new content in The King of Fighters Allstar right now.

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