The last episode in Angry Birds Rio gets a couple of leaked images. Say hello to Smuggler’s Plane.

If you’ve watch the Rio movie and have been playing the Angry Birds Rio game, then you know we are down to our last episode for the game which follows the last bit of action in the movie before it end. Since it reflects the movie, there is no surprise that the last episode will be called Smuggler’s Plane.

While this update is still pretty hush hush when it comes to the details, we do get a glimpse of one of the levels inside this upcoming final update to Angry Birds Rio which will take place inside the Smuggler’s plane where in the movie the birds end up escaping, the smugglers lose and everyone is happy. While this could follow the standard format of an addition 15-30 levels for the final episode, don’t be surprised if Rovio has something up their sleeve to celebrate the ending of Angry Birds Rio.


The leaked images are courtesy of the Mac update to Angry Birds Rio that just rolled out. Whether this was intentional or a slip-up on Rovio’s part will probably never be found out although it’s very highly out of the ordinary for Rovio to let something like this slip.

Website Referenced: AngryBirdsNest

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