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The Last Remnant Remastered Just Launched Out of Nowhere on Android

Square Enix’s last generation cult classic JRPG The Last Remnant Remastered just launched out of nowhere on Android, and is available now as a premium release.

It launched way back in 2008, and featured a unique strategic battle system that saw you command enormous armies made up of a variety of troops and heroes on the battlefield.

The Last Remnant is a Cult Classic JRPG From 2008

Battles could famously last for hours – particularly as the game barrelled towards its challenging conclusion – so if you like deep strategy along with your ridiculously overdramatic JRPG stories, this is one for you.

In terms of story, it’s pretty much what you expect. The world is ending, war is everywhere, and some strange things called Remnants are the key.

So head on over to Google Play right now and grab The Last Remnant Remastered. It’s expensive at around $20 but there’s a lot of game there for those that like JRPGs.

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