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The Latest Marvel Future Fight Update Adds Thane, Son of Thanos, Plus Lots of Other Stuff

Marvel Future Fight has just received a new Inhumans vs X-Men update, inspired by the comic storyline of the same name. 

Two new characters are making an appearance: Dazzler, a “mutant singing superstar”, and Thane, son of Thanos (sorry for your loss). Also included are a Marvels X uniform for Black Bolt, an Inhumans vs X-Men uniform for Medusa, and uniforms for Iceman and Ms Marvel.

On top of all that good stuff, the update also includes new content for Story: Alternate Mode. It’s called “Story Fragment”, and it sees you collecting bits – or “fragments” – of story and exchanging them for items. 

There’s a handful of other smaller tweaks and additions too, such as a higher tier cap for Black Bolt, Realize Potential unlocked for more characters, and so on. 

To join the fight, download Marvel Future Fight for free right now on the Google Play Store. 

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