The Mordis have arrived. Play will four small furry living balls.

Chilibite Games, who developed the rather enjoyable game Stunt Bunnies Circus, have released a new titles onto Android. This time the game features some small and friendly creatures called The Mordis who off up some new puzzle gaming for you to try out.

In this game you will help four Mordis rescue their captive brothers by going through 28 levels split in four worlds, filled with obstacles and dangers, which you must avoid by making wise use of the tools you’re given. You can also complete each level without using all of the tools which, in less time and without getting killed. If you do accomplish this, will net you some bonus points.

The game pushes your brain towards creative solutions for each level and makes itself immersive with the use of well accomplished physics and solid graphics. The game has plenty of features such as the following:

– Multiple tools and solutions to each scenario
– Beautiful graphics and 4 amazing worlds to discover: Grassland, Desert, Arctic, and Volcano.
– 28 different HUGE levels
– 4 different, funny Mordis characters
– Avoid hazards and dynamic obstacles!
– Stunning effects: explosions, snow & sand storms…
– Realistic physics
– HD & MD versions

The Mordis is a freemium game so you can jump over to the Google Play store to download the initial game for free. You can check the game out in action in the trailer below.

Developer Website: Chilibite

Google Play Link: The Mordis

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