The MU Origin 2 6.2 Update Is Here, Adding Order Realm, Trial of the Colosseum, and More

MU Origin 2, Webzen’s epic mobile MMORPG follow-up to MU Online, has just received its latest content update, taking it up to version 6.2.

As ever, it’s a whopper, adding a whole host of new features to the already bulging MU Continent. But before we get into all that, here’s a quick recap for those of you who haven’t surrendered to MU Origin 2’s charms. 

Originally released in 2019 as a sequel to the hugely popular MU Origin, MU Origin 2 is a sprawling multiplayer fantasy game that sees you choosing a race and then heading out into the world to conquer dungeons, complete quests, level-up your character, and much more. 

The races on offer include Dark Wizard, Elf, and Holy Mage, giving you a good idea of the game’s general vibe. This is a fantasy RPG through and through, with all the content and features you’ve come to expect. 

And that list of features has just grown. 

First up, there’s Order Realm. This new dungeon becomes available after you reach level 300, as long as you’ve joined the Order. You can play it once a day, with a party or alone, though it’s worth playing with a party if you can to take advantage of the buff effects. 

Your rewards for competing in the Order Realm include Order Contribution and Normal Soul Fragment, and the more waves you manage to defeat the greater your rewards will be. 

Also included in the 6.2 update is Trial of the Colosseum, a huge free-for-all fight that becomes available after level 400, and Elemental Battle, a brawl with monsters and other players that takes place every Sunday at 16:00. 

Elemental Battle opens up after you hit level 470 and complete the Abyss Quest. It works like a tower, letting you ascend to the next level every time you hit the target score. 

There’s plenty more in MU Origin 2 6.2, including Guild Guardian, Mount Resurrection, Refine Object, and Soul Spear, plus a ton of tweaks and improvements to the game’s existing systems. 

And yet more fun is marching over the horizon in the form of Abyss Season 37. 

To get started, just head to the Google Play Store or the App Store and download MU Origin 2 for free right now. 

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