The new Humble Indie Bundle 16 has a couple of Android games included

While the official Humble Mobile Bundle may be back for good, the idea of having Android games making their appearance in other Humble Bundles seems to be continuing as well. The latest Humble Indie Bundle 16 has a good selection of games, with a couple of them actually being for the Android platform as well.

These bundles work the same as any other 3-tier Humble Bundle in that you pay whatever you want over a buck and get access to a few games. If you pay above the average amount, you gain access to a few more games, and usually a couple of more get added to this tier after 1 week. The third tier is the average price + $2, and you gain access to all the current and future games. You also get soundtracks for a few other the games as well.

Door Kickers on Android

The second tier in the Humble Indie Bundle 16 has two Android games in it, although all the games in these bundles are available for multiple platforms (usually Mac, PC and Linux only). The two Android games included in this bundle are Door Kickers and Duet, both of which are good games to nab if you don’t have them already.

Both are available on Google Play as well, but if you’re getting this indie bundle and don’t have either of these two titles, it is a nice little bonus.

Official Website: Humble Indie Bundle 16

Google Play: Door Kickers | Duet

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