The Next Instalment in the Popular SoulWorker RPG Franchise Is a Mobile Game

SoulWorker: Anime Legends is the next instalment in the hugely popular SoulWorker series of free-to-play MMORPGs. Unlike its predecessors, it’s coming to mobile rather than PC. 

An established hit on Steam, SoulWorker sees you battling against fantasy jerks using a variety of different heroes belonging to a variety of different classes. Pleasingly, these classes include Gun Jazz and Howling Guitar). 

SoulWorker is notable not only for its slick gameplay but for its polished anime presentation and its innovative emotion system. 

The mobile spin-off looks set to reproduce the formula on the small screen, which is no stranger to free-to-play fantasy MMORPGs. SoulWorker: Anime Legends will feature familiar characters, as well as a range of PvP and PvE modes. 

It’ll be out this month. 

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