The original arcade hero is back in Pac-Man Monsters the new puzzle RPG from Gree and Namco Banai

Alright Pac fans the Pac-Man is back for a new adventure on Android and iOS. This time he is staring in a new puzzle game with Pokemon style collecting and Puzzle Quest type combat with some great stylized art. You lead a party of Pac People and Monsters (including Ghosts) to help restore Pac Land to its rightful order after a new evil force invades.

The game world you navigate through consists of different locations for your party to visit. In each area you will encounter several creatures to fight in multiple battles followed by usually a Boss battle at the end. When you win a battle you gain money which you can use to help buy over 100 unique monster that can join your team. You also will receive items that you can use to evolve your creatures from one monster to another.

The battlefield during these encounters involves a system where you swipe a line, on the grid, of different colored pellets to inflict damage on your enemies. The goal is to create a chain of like colored pellets to increase your damage dealt, the grid also includes several familiar themed power balls and fruits that will give you bonuses to your attack like more damage or healing. Its an interesting process that helps lend the Pac-Man feel to the game.

Pac-Man Monsters seems deeper then your normal puzzle game. It has great graphics, a good and clean interface and with the collection of monsters it give you a reason to want to keep playing it. That said the game is Free to Play with IAP. There is a stamina number and you can only quest until you run out of stamina, after that you need to rest or buy IAP to gain more stamina. If your a Pac-Man fan or a puzzle fan head over to the Play Store and download it today.

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