The Papers, Please!-Inspired Peace, Death! Is Half Price on Android

Peace, Death!, the highly acclaimed arcade simulator from Azamatika, is half price right now on Google Play. It’s current;y 99c, down from its usual $1.99.

Heavily inspired by Papers, Please!, right down to the title format, Peace, Death! sees you playing as an aspiring Reaper completing a probationary period at Apocalypse, Inc, a sort of clearing house for souls. 

You need to scrutinise every applicant, deciding who goes up and who goes down based on the criteria of the day. It’s not as simple as stamping a form, however – to do your job properly you’ll need to pay close attention, right down to removing hats to ensure there are no horns underneath.

There are catastrophes and events to handle, too, as well as theme days, tons of amusing references, and more. 

Peace, Death! is undeniably derivative, but positively reviewed on both PC and Android. It’s well worth dropping 99c on. 

Download it right now on the Google Play Store

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