The Quarry is Out Now on Android

I like to keep a lookout for any indie games that look worth your time. The Quarry is a mine shaft simulator without wait timers, and with the ability to play offline. I don’t normally care for games that involve mining, but The Quarry could well be an exception.

The Quarry – A Realistic Mining Simulator all about Efficiency

You start the game with a randomly generated mine shaft, filled with several deposits of valuable ores. As with any game, you start off small and simple, then as time progresses you can mine more and more. Eventually, you will get to a point where you feel like a mining tycoon with more conveyor belts than all the world’s airports combined.

The Quarry will try to teach you all about the joys of efficiency. Just because your old set up worked fine, does not mean it will be any good once you add a dozen more moving parts. You will be constantly going back, tweaking and improving your mine as you expand.

If The Quarry seems like the resource management simulator for you, then you can try the free version. If you are completely sold by The Quarry, then you can grab the premium version from the Play Store.

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