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The Quest is Now 50% Off

I love a good sale, there is something about grabbing a game for cheap that brings more than just a smile to my face. The Quest by Redshift Games is now on sale until August 11th, so grab a cheap copy now!

The Quest – Hand-drawn old school styled adventure game

If you are looking for a traditional adventure game to sink a few hours in, then this is the one for you. The governor of Freymore is missing, and the island is plummeting into chaos. As an Agent of the king, it’s now up to you to find out what’s happening and restore order to the island.

Choose from five customisable races, an array of weapons and a ton of skills and enhancements. Enjoy the open-world experience and see what caves, cities and treasure you find along the way.

If you are tempted to get your quest on, then why not grab a copy from the Google Play store now?

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