The Rift MMORPG companion app is now available on the market

We mentioned at the beginning of this month that the Rift MMORPG from Trion Worlds would be getting a companion app which would land on both iOS and Android soon. For those of you who play the MMORPG, this was good news and now there is even more good news as the app is now available on the Android Market.

As far as companion apps go, this one is chalk full of features, mostly relating to chat but it also does come with Zone Event notifications so you won’t miss an event in-game. The app also features the ability to earn in-game loot through the use of mini-games within the app, mostly of the scratch card nature.

Rift App Features:

– Chat with friends and guildmates – Check if your comrades are online, and communicate instantly from anywhere! Send messages from your phone to in-game, or plan your adventures mobile-to-mobile! Push Notifications help your friends call you back to Telara.
– Full guild support – Guild and Officer chat run smoothly on your mobile device, so you never miss a big decision.
– Guild MOTD and Guild Wall – View your Guild Wall and Message of the Day at anytime, anywhere.
– Zone Event notification – Hear the call when Zone Events erupt on your shard, and pick your battles with flexible alert settings.
– Earn in-game loot! – Win real loot through the mobile app with Lootables. Artifacts, crafting items, and planar treasure shoot straight to your character’s mailbox!

This is a pretty complete companion app with a lot of functionality to it. Many other games are starting to do this sort of thing as well with World of Warcraft being one of the first with their Remote Auction House application which also ended up with a guild chat feature. You can download this bad boy off the Android Market for free. It is still a beta release and the official full launch should be next month so we could see even more features added between now and then.

Website Referenced: AndroidCentral

Android Market Link: Rift Mobile

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