The Runes Guild – Beginning offering up pure hack n’ slack gaming fun on Android

WorkEffective have just come back from the grave after almost a year without movement on the Google Play store. This time, after being dedicated to Children-oriented apps and games, they’ve come with an interesting Hack ‘n’ Slash game. The Runes Guild is, told by WorkEffective themselves, an “Old fashion hack & slash game with modern graphics”.

In The Runes Guild – Beginning, you’re part of the underground organization that fights back against the chaos that was unleashed when The Great War happened. It’s your duty to “Save the innocent and helpless. Feed the hungry and heal the wounded. Above all, believe a in better future.” And the best way to do it is by killing all of The Dark Guild and hopefully destroying them for good.

The game, developed in Flex using Alternativa3D, contains some pretty nice 3D graphics and sounds. For those of you who own a lower-end or older Android device, they also have included an option to tune the graphics so that you can run the game smoothly. There’s some room for improvement as well since the game lacks independent camera control which, at times, makes for your line of vision to be a bit off.

One feature that will probably make this game slightly more awesome, if done right, is multiplayer modes such as Capture the Flag and others. Luckily, the developers are planning on adding multiplayer to this game in the near future.

If you like just pure hack n’ slash games then take a look into The Runes Guild – Beginning, the comeback game from a company betting on the good feeling of slashing your way through the forces of evil for a good cause. It’ll only set you back a mere $0.99. You can check out the game in action in the trailer below. Considering that this is the ‘Beginning’, we can expect to see more games released in this series soon.

Developer Website: WorkEffective

Google Play Link: The Runes Guild – The Beginning

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