The Scholomance Academy Hearthstone Expansion is Coming on August 6th

Blizzard’s all-conquering CCG Hearthstone is due to get its next major expansion on August the 6th.

The magic school-themed Scholomance Academy will bring a raft of content, including 135 new cards, fresh game mechanics, dual-class cards, and more.

There’s going to be a series of pre-release Fireside Gatherings between July 21st and August 3rd, during which players will be able to open Scholomance Academy card packs ahead of the expansion’s release. Details are on the Hearthstone blog.

You can pre-order the expansion if you like. There’s a Scholomance Academy Mega Bundle of offer for $79.99, including 80 packs, five golden card packs, a random golden legendary, and more. 

Then there’s a slightly more – but not very – affordable pre-purchase bundle for $49.99, containing 55 packs and other assorted goodies. 

Scholomance Academy will be here on August the 6th. Hearthstone is available for free right now.

Source: Touch Arcade

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