The Senna Forever Expansion is Live for Horizon Chase

Last month we told you that a new expansion was headed to arcade racer Horizon Chase. It’s called Senna Forever, and it’s a celebration of the career of one of the greatest drivers ever. And you can pick it up right now.

The new expansion features a first person perspective for the first time in Horizon Chase, letting you sit in the cockpit and see the primary-colored scenery rush by.

There are also 15 new tracks for you to race on, based on some of the most iconic raceways in the world. You’ll also get five new chapters in career mode, totaling 40 new races. Here’s a heart-warming trailer.

There’s a new Championship mode as well, with a bunch of different teams to choose from, as well as 34 new playable cars. There’s six new vehicles in the career mode.

Unfortunately for mobile players, the four-player multiplayer that’s coming to PC and consoles isn’t available on Android. Hopefully it’ll arrive at some point in the future.

If you want to give the new Senna Forever expansion a go, you can click here to download Horizon Chase from the Play Store. It’s free, with IAPs to unlock the full game and the expansion.

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