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The Stylish Lemmings-Esque Puzzler Kiwanuka is Currently 75% off on Android

Kiwanuka, the stylish puzzler from developer Jakyl, is currently going cheap on Android. You can grab it right now for $99c, down from its usual price of $3.99. 

If you’ve ever played Lemmings, you’ll know roughly what to expect from Kiwanuka. It sees you playing as a wizard with a magical electric staff, and your goal is to keep a line of little creatures safe by creating bridges, improvising ladders, and so on.

The Lemmings puzzle format is relatively under-explored on mobile, and Kiwanuka is a stunning example, with colorful fractal visuals, ingenious puzzles, intuitive controls, and a banging dubstep soundtrack.

You can pick it up for a bargain price on Google Play right now.

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