The Tale Of Food Launches Globally Alongside Exclusive Event

The featured image for our Tale Of Food Launch Event article, featuring the cast of characters from the game, all gathered round. Most of them are wearing light garments, and the sky behind them is a bright blue.

The Tale Of Food, Madfun Game’s latest fantasy adventure game, has launched globally. It features over 100 characters, memorable interactions, and a reportedly wholesome story.

In order to celebrate the game’s release, Madfun Game has simultaneously launched an exclusive event that takes the form of a mystery. But the most exciting part about this event? You could win a Nintendo Switch…

The Lost Food Soul

Madfun Game’s launch event puts a food personification on the classic mystery genre. Seemingly out of the blue, several Food Souls have disappeared. It’s up to you to figure out where they’ve gone, and why it happened in the first place.

The game’s Facebook page has left clues to help you work it all out through three informant recounts. The event’s humour shines through here, as the informant names are “Best Butler In Kongsang”, “20 Pound Meow Master”, and “Mysterious Passby”.

To enter the event, all you have to do is find the missing Food Souls, and post about it on either Facebook or Twitter. Make sure you tag it with #RewardFindingLostFoodSoul.

The rewards themselves are extremely generous; there’s a lucky draw of $20 App Store/Google Play gift cards for 30 winners. To top it off, Madfun is giving away a Nintendo Switch to one lucky winner. Make sure you get started – the event ends on April 26!

An Ambitious Campaign

The game follows the story of the Young Master, who inherits the Tale Of Food, while enjoying the long-lasting peace in Kong Sang. But things are about to change for the protagonist forever.

All is not as it seems, as you begin to uncover a sinister plot designed to bring destruction and chaos to Kong Sang. The enemies of the Food God have been hard at work building up an unbeatable plan over the last few years – and only you, the Young Master, can stop it.

Download The Tale Of Food on Google Play now.

If you want a headstart on the game, have a read of our Tale Of Food codes guide.

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