Make Friends With a Burger When The Tale Of Food Launches April 19

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The Tale Of Food, a gacha RPG that personifies food will finally launch on April 19, according to the official Twitter.

It puts you in the shoes of the Young Master, who inherits the Tale of Food. You are the heir to the Food God, and sinister forces threaten to tear down the long lasting peace in Kong Sang.

The campaign sees you working to uncover a hidden conspiracy. As it happens, the enemies of the Food God have been plotting something for years, and you have to figure out what they’re up to and prevent it.

As a result, you’ll probably end up saving the world. Become the representative that Kong Sang needs, and set forward on your path to an unknown world.

Over One Million Pre-Registrations

Tale Of Food has managed to rack up over one million pre-registrations since the campaign began at the end of March.

The ambitious campaign promised generous rewards, and it seems that fans will get their hands on them after all. It consisted of a few sign-up milestones, with increasing rewards for each.

Now, at launch, the studio will gift players who pre-registrated 100,000 Shells, 14 Bunny Buns, 400 Miracle Stones, ten Favour Gift Boxes, ten Star Up cases, ten Soul Cores, six 200% efficiency runes, and four Floral Silhouette Avatar Frames.

There’s still time to pre-register for The Tale Of Food on Google Play if you plan on playing it at launch.

Interested in more Tale Of Food content? Have a read of our article that covers the closed beta.

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