The Top 10 Android games for April 2012 according to the Android Quality Index

A couple of months ago the Quality Index opened up a section dedicated for Android applications and games. Since then they have posted a Top 10 list for each month for both Android applications and games. We figured it would be fun to start posting the Top 10 list for Android games each month by Quality Index.

Each month we will post what they consider to be the Top 10 Android games and see what everyone thinks about the list, whether it is skewed or fair, whether the choices are good or not. Of course this is just for fun and discussion purposes but usually this lists are either full of major developer games or just skewed, sort of like the Google Play top lists are. So without further delay on our part, here is the Top 10 list for Android games for April 2012 as chosen by the Quality Index:

1) Temple Run by Imangi Studios. Rating: 9.1
2) Slime vs. Mushroom 2 by WestRiver. Rating: 9.1
3) Ice Age Village by Gameloft. Rating: 8.7
4) Dark Legends by Spacetime Studios. Rating: 8.5
5) Shark Dash by Gameloft. Rating: 8.4
6) Draw Something by OMGPOP. Rating: 8.4
7) Empire Defense II by GoodTeam. Rating: 8.4
8) Hambo by Miniclip. Rating: 8.4
9) Airport Mania HD Free by Lemon Team. Rating: 8.3
10) Drag Racing: Bike Edition by Creative Mobile. Rating: 8.2

So there you have it, the Top 10 Android games for April 2012 by the Quality Index. So what does everyone think about this list? Good choices or no? If not then what games should have been on the list? Let us know in the comments below!

Website Referenced: Android Quality Index

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