The Top 10 Android games of 2010… plus a few honorable mentions

Like any good gaming site these days, when the year comes to a close we feel the need to list things and what better of a list to make then a Top 10 games for Android list. Of course there a whole lot more then just 10 games that are good but each of these in their own right made a special impact on Android gaming.

So without further delay on our part, here is our list of the Top 10 games for Android in 2010 in no particular order, and a few honorable mentions.

Zenonia by Gamevil

Zenonia came out and was one of the first major full fledged RPG releases for Android. Developed by Gamevil, Zenonia had a slew of features including day/night variations in the game, huge amount of quests, various equipment levels (normal/rare/magic/epic etc), equipment combining, huge amount of quests, passive/active skills and a whole lot more.

It also sported 40+ hours of gameplay to complete the game but you could grind your character up to level 99 if you wanted to after that. Gamevil was quick to update it after release with multitouch support as well. It was a great game, and still is, with a great storyline and witty dialog. This is a must have for RPG fans.

Reckless Racing by Polarbit

Reckless Racing was released later in the year and featured some great 3D top-down racing, hillbilly music and just generally fun gameplay. While there are a bunch of good racing games for Android, this was one that had been waited on by many gamers for quite some time. The release of the game came with a pirating issue and the servers having problems because of it but within a few days Polarbit had it cured.

The game has great replay value and you can race your friends online through multiplayer mode, download ghost cars with their own racing style and more.

Crusade of Destiny by Dvide Arts

Android’s first full 3D RPG game as well as Android’s first game made with the Shiva3D gaming engine. This game was great, especially for people wanting to play a WoW-like game on their phone, minus the multiplayer part of it all. This also showed that full 3D RPG games are welcome in the Android gaming community and were needed.

Along with this game it also showed that if the game is worth it, file size doesn’t matter to Android gamers and that even though it wasn’t ‘huge’ it was still big in size but received a pretty warm welcome on the Android Market.

Angry Birds (normal + seasons) by Rovio

What can we say about Angry Birds that hasn’t been said already many times here and on other sites. Both the normal version and the ‘Seasons’ edition have been massively popular not just on Android but mobile in general. Very few games have the replay value that Angry Birds offers and the straight up fun you can have while playing this game.

N.O.V.A by Gameloft

Surprised to see this title here? N.O.V.A shows us that FPS (First-Person Shooter) games can be done for the Android platform and done well. Between the great 3D graphics and the enjoyment of actually having a great FPS game to play, this should be making most Top 10 lists. Even without the ability to play multiplayer, this is a great game to play.

We are definitely looking forward to N.O.V.A 2 hitting the Android platform in the near future.

Pocket Legends by Spacetime Studios

Pocket Legends blazed onto the Android gaming scene after much success over on the iOS platform. Considered the ‘WoW of mobile gaming’, Pocket Legends sports millions of players, a free 3D MMORPG to play and the ability to buy in-game items. This is also considered Android’s first full MMORPG and even though Runes was out before it, Runes is still in beta phase of development.

Pretty much everyone who enjoys playing online PC games in some capacity wanted to play Pocket Legends on their Android device. The release of this game also further enforced the idea that full sized games can be very successful on Android.

Guns N’ Glory by HandyGames

Guns N’ Glory is probably the most unique Tower Defense type of game to come out for Android up until the release late this month of Dungeon Defenders: First Wave. This game offered players the typical Tower Defense style game but with the twist of being able to move your ‘towers’ at any point during the game.

The cool western theme, being bandits instead of good guys and robbing the innocent and more maps coming out make this another game most Android gamers should try. Best of all it was offered free on the market with a paid version only if you didn’t want the ads the free version had.

Prism 3D by Hyperbees

Another unique game that really doesn’t fit into a genre of gaming. Perhaps strategy, platform, casual or puzzle would work, perhaps all of them together. Featuring a top-down view of your playing field you need to bounce your ball to the finish line, get points along the way, avoid traps, get power-ups and much more.

Including a level editor in Prism 3D was another feature rarely seen in any Android games up until then and the game itself still offers plenty of replay value and fun, even if you’ve had the game for awhile now.

Everlands by Hexage

Everlands is a great strategy game featuring animals with unique abilities, health and directional attacks. All on a hexagonal spaced board, you would have to conquer the majority of the board over your enemy in order to win that stage and proceed onto the next. It proved that even a cute looking game can be enjoyable for everyone and challenging enough for most gamers to play.

Game Dev Story by KAIROSOFT

Bringing the idea of gaming to another level, Game Dev Story is a simulation game where you start from the ground and build your indie game company up, hopefully to success. Of course if you fail you are riddled with dept and no one likes your products. This is pretty much a game about every gamers dream, making the ultimate game and hitting it big. Who could ask for more in a sim game?


Honorable Mentions:

These honorable mentions made it onto the scene too late this year and it wouldn’t really be fair to include them in this list but nor would it be fair to leave them out either. Expect to see these guys on the Top 10 of 2011 lists though!

Dungeon Defenders: First Wave by Trendy Entertainment

Rolling onto Android Dec. 24th, this massive launch of this fantastic game really put the ‘we don’t care about file sizes if the game is good’ out there. It also marks Android’s first Unreal Engine 3 developed game as well as the first game that truly needed minimum system requirements. It also offers up some of the most unique gaming currently available for Android with it being a mesh of MMORPG/Action/Tower Defense gaming genres.

With upcoming updates which will include online multiplayer PvP and the ability for players to create their own Mods for the game, Dungeon Defenders: First Wave will be a winner throughout 2011 as well.

Zenonia 2 by Gamevil

The follow-up to Zenonia was released Dec. 23rd and was very much anticipated by pretty much every RPG fan there is for Android. Featuring all the good stuff from the original, Zenonia 2 brings to the table more quests, a new storyline and characters along with a new major feature being online PvP. This will end up being a classic just like the first one and we already know Zenonia 3 is on the way in 2011.

Mega Jump by Get Set Games

Mega Jump is for those gamers that enjoy the ‘see how high you can get’ type of games, similar to Doodle Jump or Abduction!. Minus the platforms, Mega Jump has you trying to get as high as you can by collecting coins on your way up along with power-ups and avoiding your enemies. On top of all of that, you have plenty to unlock including new characters to use. It is definitely a winning combination and will be very popular with most Android gamers.

There you have it, our round-up of the Top 10 games for 2010 for Android. There are a ton of great games though available so be sure to check them all out, not just these 10! Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think the Top 10 games for Android are!

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