The Twisted League is Now Live in Old School RuneScape

Leagues have finally arrived in Old School RuneScape, and the first, Twisted League, is available right now.

In case you’re unaware, Leagues start you off from scratch, providing unique challenges for a set period of time in exchange for unique rewards.

Twisted League Last For Two Months, Starting November 14ol

The Twisted League casts you as an Ironman (basically, you can’t trade with other players) on Kebos and Kourend.

You’ll perform a variety of predetermined tasks in order to get points, which you can use to purchase relics. These are basically buffs that can help you beat the challenges ahead.

Twisted League officially began today, November 14, and will run for approximately two months. You can get stuck in right now by grabbing it on Google Play, or watch the behind the scenes video above for much more information.

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