The upcoming action-sim game Star Command gets a new video

One game we are looking forward to getting our hands on is Star Command from War Balloon Games. This neat little retro style game (visually) is a combination of sim and action gaming meshed into one title. Now the developers are teasing everyone with a new video that is a play through of the beginning of the game.

Star Command will charge players with running their own space ship along with managing its crew. However, at times you will need to defend your ship from aliens who happen to like what you’re flying and want it for themselves. You can control each crew member to do something productive on the ship whether it’s repairs or fighting off the aliens that attack you and everything in between. Each crew member also has different stats and skills which you will need to utilize to run at top efficiency.

In the video above, one of the developers goes through the beginning parts of the game, with commentary so you know what is going on, showing us some of what can be done in the game. Also, get comfy as the video is 13+ minutes long. Star Command looks a lot more detailed and in-depth than previously thought which adds to us wanting to get our hands dirty with it now. Unfortunately, the game is still labeled as on ‘coming soon’.

Thanks to Alex B. for the tip!

Developers Website: Star Command Facebook

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