The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes Comes to Brawlhalla in Latest Event

Brawlhalla, the Smash Bros-esque brawler from Blue Mammoth and Ubisoft, has just received three new characters in its latest crossover event.

They are Michonne, Daryl Dixon, and Rick Grimes from the popular zombie comic, TV show, and videogame series The Walking Dead. You can pick them up for 300 Mammoth Coins each.

In addition to the new characters Brawlhalla now features a new Walker Attack mode, which sees you teaming up with other players to hold back waves of undead marauders. There’s a new level, too, based on the prison from seasons 3-4 of the AMC show.

These new characters, the new map, and the new mode will all continue to be available after October 28th, when the current event ends. Check out the new content in the trailer above. You can download Brawlhalla for free right now on the Google Play Store.

Source: Touch Arcade

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