The White Door is the Unsettling New Entry in the Rusty Lake Franchise

The Rusty Lake franchise is making a comeback soon, with brand new creepy entry The White Door.

Judging from the teaser trailer, you play as protagonist Robert Hill and have to try and bring colour back to his life.

The White Door Sees You Manage Protagonist Robert Hill’s Strict Daily Routine

He lives in a world almost entirely devoid of it, with everything painted in white.

You have to help him live out his strict daily routine, which looks horrifically depressing.

Robert wakes up, has a simple breakfast, brushes his teeth, works or plays on his computer, and goes back to bed.

There’s also some other creepy things going on later in the trailer that we can’t quite explain. It all looks deeply intriguing.

If you’d like to learn more, you can head on over to the official Steam page. It will apparently be up for pre-registration on Android soon.

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