The Wikipad passes through the FCC, finally getting released soon?

One device a lot of people are actually looking forward to but have had to wait a long time for already is the gaming-centric Android tablet called the Wikipad. Having undergone a few redesigns in hardware department, that has been the biggest cause for the delay. It finally looks like the Wikipad may actually be launching soon though as the device has passed through the FCC.

The tablet is still slated to launch with a price tag of $249 and the company has finally settled on the 7″ (IPS display) size instead of the 10″ version being worked on before the delay. Other specs include 16GB of on-board storage, MicroSD card slot, Tegra 3 chipset and, of course, the actual removable physical gaming controls on either side of the tablet.

Wikipad isn’t ruling out the 10″ tablet they were working on either apparently, stating that it is currently ‘in the pipeline’. While this is all fine and dandy, lets just worry about getting the 7″ tablet out already so we don’t have to wait any longer then we need to.

Website Referenced: Ubergizmo

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