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There’s A New Entry In The Super Cat Tales Series And It Looks Fantastic

Fans of cat based platforming, rejoice. Super Cat Tales: PAWS has just landed on Google Play and looks like another successful entry in the long running platforming series. 

Catforming Action

You play as cats – obviously – who form the PAWS team. This team is on a secret mission to protect Neko Land, and – well you don’t need much more than that.

It’s all an excuse to throw you into a range of colourful 2D levels which you have to jump your way though. Obviously with cats as the star it’s all very cute, with even boss enemies – including dragons and crabs – being fairly adorable. 

There are also daily quests, mini-games, and if the cuteness level wasn’t enough you can customise your cats with a variety of hats.

What’s really surprising is that on the game’s Google Play page the only attempt at a cat pun is “cat-tastic” – which is barely a pun in of itself. We can only assume and hope this restraint is intentional, otherwise it’s pretty disappointing. We’ve managed to control ourselves and not make one in this article either, in a sign of solidarity.

What’s It Similar To?

Super Cat Tales series has definitely helped inspire the superb series of Dadish games (also on mobile, and console) with their crisp and clear visuals – with linear but rock solid level design backed up with reliable controls.

It’s free to download too, so you could do worse than checking this out if you’re after a new platformer to play. You can find it on Google Play right here. Go right meow! Okay sorry, we caved.

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