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Thimbleweed Park is out on Android, and it’s MUCH cheaper than PC or console

Thimbleweed Park

Last week we announced that Thimbleweed Park, the highly anticipated mobile port of Ron Gilbert’s acclaimed LucasArts-esque retro point-and-click adventure game, would be arriving one week late, on October 10th.

Well guess what. It’s October 10th. We’ve waited a whole week, and is Thimbleweed Park anywhere to be seen?

Yes, it’s right here.

While the Android version of Thimbleweed Park might seem a bit steep at £8.99, it’s worth bearing in mind that the PC version is currently £14.99. And PC gamers can’t even play the game on the toilet or the bus. Chumps.

Thimbleweed Park is Ron Gilbert’s loving tribute to the golden generation of adventure games that he himself is largely responsible for creating. Players can expect the signature ingredients of games like Monkey Island: humour, charm, and some excellent puzzle design.

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