This Is the Most Popular Solitaire Variant and the Best Way to Play It

You would be amazed by how many different versions of Solitaire there are. 

Five? Don’t be ridiculous. Fifty? Not even close. 250? Double it. And then add some more.

But, really, if we’re being honest, there’s only one version of Solitaire. And it’s called Klondike. 

That’s the one that used to come free with Microsoft Windows, and it’s the version you can play for free right now on

In case you’ve been living in a cave, Klondike sees you trying to sort a shuffled deck of 52 cards into their respective suits, in numerical order. 

These cards are dealt into seven stacks, the first consisting of one card and the seventh consisting of seven. You can probably work out what happens with the rest.

The top card on each of these stacks is face-up, and your goal is first to create sequences consisting of alternating colors (e.g. 6 of Diamonds, 7 of Spades, 8 of Diamonds, 9 of Clubs, 10 of Hearts, etc), and then to sort every card by suit and number at the top of the screen. 

Patience Required

It’s harder than it sounds. In fact, you wouldn’t stand the slightest chance if it weren’t for the waste pile. You can draw either one or three cards at a time from this pile in the hope of exposing a usable card. 

Even then, you’ll need to concentrate and think tactically to come out on top. 

Practice makes perfect, and is our favorite place to put in a few hours. Why? Because it comes with a comprehensive array of features, detailed tracking, and it’s totally free. lets you change the background and the design on the cards you’re playing with. Of course it does. More impressively, it also lets you pick between left-handed and right-handed deals, and it boasts a generous hint system. 

But that’s not all. has the most detailed data tracking we’ve ever seen in a Klondike game. 

At the press of a button you can see how many games you’ve played, how many you’ve won, your longest winning streak, your best time, and a ton of other states besides. is the complete package, and you can play it for free right now. A Mobile version is in the works too – so stay tuned!

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