This Is the Police 2 is Now Available for Pre-Registration

This Is the Police 2 is a noir drama simulation game, where you take control of a town’s sheriff department. Do you have what it takes to clean up the town of Sharpwood and keep yourself out of trouble in the process?

This Is the Police 2 – A story-driven adventure management game

This Is the Police 2 brings the right level of realism to the gameplay. Each of your cops has their own strengths, weaknesses, fears and prejudices. Not to mention a drinking problem or turning up to work late, can you keep your officers in line?

This Is the Police has turn-based combat similar to XCOM, where you tailor and train up a squad and get to control their every move in a raid. The main difference being that your boys in blue don’t have HP, one shot and that could be the end.

If you are interested in this gritty realistic simulation of a town’s sheriff department, then you can pre-register now from Google Play.

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