This Is The Police Spin-off Rebel Cops is Coming to Android

Rebel Cops, the strategic spin-off of This Is The Police, is coming to Android, HandyGames has confirmed. Sadly, we have no idea when at this point.

It seems to play similarly to X-COM, with you helping a bunch of rebellious cops take the fight to a town’s criminal overlords.

Rebel Cops Tasks You With Taking Down a Town’s Criminal Overlords

It’s turn-based, so you’ll have to think strategically as you work your way through a variety of different levels. There’s a reported 15 hours of gameplay on offer, which is pretty awesome.

If you’d like a taste of Rebel Cops in action, check out a teaser trailer that HandyGames has posted along with the announcement. It includes a variety of gameplay you can expect to experience.

We’re not sure how long you’re going to wait until you can check it out for yourself though, as HandyGames hasn’t announced a release date yet. We’ll keep you posted.

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