Three great Android games you can also play on your PC

It’s February, which means 2019 is well underway. You’ve burned through the stack of games you got for Christmas, and you need something to keep you entertained in the weeks and months to come.

That’s what the internet is for. There are literally countless casual games on sites like Poki where you can while away many happy hours on some first-rate interactive fun.

Why are we bringing up a PC platform on an Android site? Well, we’re glad you asked! it just so happens that Poki has a bunch of great games that are already available on Android. That means you can play these gems on your PC now too.

Here are three of our favourites to check out whenever your phone has run out of juice or broken.

Tunnel Rush

An example of the popular abstract high-score chaser genre, Tunnel Rush game sees you barrelling into the screen, steering with the L and R cursor keys to dodge a variety of angular obstacles and guide yourself through gaps in the courses.

Not all of these obstacles and gaps behave themselves. You’ll soon encounter bars that sweep from side to side and doorways that snap closed, forcing you bring your A game every time.

The aim, of course, is to last as long as you can in a world where the only speed is fast, the only outcome of contact is instant death, and the only reward is the knowledge that you have the reflexes of an alpha cat.

Short Ride

Most of us are pretty clear about what we want to see happen to men with top knots, and Short Ride lets you indulge these cravings to the max.

This game gives you control of an arch hipster with puppet-like limbs and hilarious ragdoll body-physics. The aim is to hop onto a bike and steer it through a perilous, trap-filled, hilly obstacle course without dying horribly.

Wave Rider

The one thing you won’t see in Wave Rider is waves, and we’re not convinced that there’s any riding in it either.

That’s because the game is set underwater, with you steering a sleek little submarine through a series of gorgeous, atmospheric caves, complete with shoals of fish and hidden temples.

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