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Three Kingdoms: Revolution is Available for Pre-Registration Now

Three Kingdoms: Revolution looks like a combination of multiple game genres in one neat bundle. From the 30 second trailer, you can see a variety of game modes including, real-time strategy, CCG, jousting and more.

Three Kingdoms: Revolution – Less Revolution, More Combination

Three Kingdoms looks like a Chinese mobile version of Shogun: Total War. There are real-time 3D battles where you command a wide range of troops and take on an enemy’s army. Plus, your troops are laid out in a hexagonal grid-like system, similar to most Sid Mier’s games. 

Google Translate may not do the games description justice, but there is a definite focus on war and conquering territories. It’s still early days and there appears to be some Gacha elements woven into gameplay, but Three Kingdoms: Revolution could be one to check out.

If you would like to pre-register for Three Kingdoms: Revolution, then you can do so from the Google Play store.

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