Three mobile games had Super Bowl ads this year. Here they are if you missed them.

If you are into interesting statistics then here is one for you. Video games Super Bowl ads generally make an appearance every year and this one was no except. In terms of numbers though, this year was a little different. PC/console games had a total of zero ads during this Super Bowl. Mobile games, however, has a total of three ads and you can probably guess at least one of the games that had an ad since it normally has TV ads as well.

So what games had an ad during the Super Bowl? Well Clash of Clans had one, which was the one we were assuming you would guess as one of the three games with ads this year. Clash of Clans has TV ads airing on normal days so it shouldn’t be a surprise that it had one for the Super Bowl as well. The other two games are not so obvious to guess though. One was a game by Machine Zone Inc called Game of War – Fire Age. The other game is by uCool called Heroes Charge.

Clash of Clans

The Clash of Clans ad featured Liam Neeson is his now famous Taken movie style of acting. The ad starts off like most Clash of Clans ads do, with some 3D animation and gameplay footage, but then cuts out to Liam Neeson being on the losing end of the gameplay being shown. From there it is just pure win.

Game of War – Fire Age

If you’re not familiar with this game, basically Game of War – Fire Age is a city building strategy war game of which there happens to be plenty of on mobile. It does have a lot of features and gameplay that are well done though. This Super Bowl ad for the game basically used Kate Upton to plug Game of War – Fire Age by looking pretty.

Heroes Charge

This particular game is labeled by the developers as an “action RPG multiplayer online battle arena” or as the rest of the world called these games, it’s a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). This ad is in the same style as Clash of Clans, that being using lots of 3D animation and gameplay footage showing plenty of action. It wasn’t a funny ad or anything like that which is lightly unusual considering Super Bowl is known for humorous ads.

So while there were no console or PC video game Super Bowl ads this year, there was three mobile video games ads. The best one is clearly the Clash of Clans ads. Another interesting statistic, all three games are free-to-play titles with IAPs in them. All three games are also available on Google Play. They must be doing good in the revenue department because Super Bowl ads are not cheap.

Website Referenced: TouchArcade

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