Three tips from Imangi Studios on how to excel at Temple Run 2

While Temple Run 2 from Imangi Studios is now freshly minted onto Google Play, everyone playing it should already be familiar with how to play the game in general. Aside from the new Zip lines and Mine carts, the basics of the game are still the same as the original. However, Imangi Studios has given out three tips on how to truly excel at Temple Run 2.

We are sure some of you already know these tips and if you do then feel free to move along. For you newcomers to the game, here are the three tips from Imangi Studios:

Multiply and Conquer: The easiest way to get a larger score (so you can brag to everyone you know) is to utilize your score multiplier. To do this, you need to complete different objectives. Each objective ups your multiplier by one, so focus on those objectives first to get your score really high.

Coins, Coins, Coins: Coins are the currency in Temple Run and they are used to upgrade the characters and gameplay. The fastest way to start earning coins is to upgrade the “Coin Values” under abilities. Doing this will make the double and triple coins appear on the track. Also, everyone’s favorite powerup is the magnet- it helps you get every coin near you as you run.

Going the Distance: Clearly, you want to run as far as you can. To do that, it sometimes means you must sacrifice extra coins for bonus items. The shield power will help with obstacles, but remember, it won’t protect you from falling. The Boost, at the beginning of the game, can also help you move forwards faster.

A commenter over at Kotaku also brings up a good tip for slowing yourself down should you feel like you’re going to fast and getting a bit overwhelmed:

Any time that the monster isn’t already right on your tail, and that you know you won’t be dodging an obstacle for a second or two, simply swipe sideways to deliberately crash into the wall. Sure, it puts the monster on your ass for about 10 seconds, but it slows you down considerably.

It’s even easier in TR2, since they almost completely removed the wall-less tracks. – Tip from MinorSetBack

Some of these may seem counter-productive in theory and even at first when trying them out but Imangi Studios says that using these three tips will get you moving quickly to reaching higher scores much faster than just trying to work your way through the game.

Website Referenced: Kotaku

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